Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Protesting.....

Nate and I were sitting here in our apartment tonight minding our own business and enjoying our new favorite snack, apples slices with Nutella, when we heard yelling outside of our window. We looked out the window and there was another protest going on......this time for Gay and Lesbians. There was a huge sign that was rainbow in color, so we knew before even going out there what group the protest was for. The main guy in front had an intercom that he was yelling into and chanting with, then everyone else would repeat after him and yell back. It was kind of entertaining actually. They were holding signs that say, "We were born gay, were you born hateful?" They were protesting for gay and lesbian equality.

Interesting the things that go on here, literally right outside of our window. Sure alot different than living in Provo, Utah..... :)

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