Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lord Mayor's Show!

This Saturday, the 12th of November, was a London holiday called Lord Mayor. This holiday is a pretty big deal here in London. The Lord Mayor's Show is one of the longest established and best known annual events in London which dates back to 1535. They have a street parade that incorporates elements of a carnival. On the day after being sworn in as Mayor, the Lord Mayor and several others, march in a parade from the City of London to the Royal Courts of Justice in Westminster, where the Lord Mayor swears his allegiance to the Crown.

We got to the parade about 45 minutes early to get good seats, so we had some down time before it started. Our friend Steven came and watched the parade with us. The pictures above, are of us waiting patiently to watch our first parade in England!

Here is the Lord Mayor himself. He was at the very end of the parade and rode in this gold coach carriage. It reminded me of Cinderella! This man is the main reason for all the celebrations of the day!

Here are some parade highlights:

It was probably the longest parade I have ever been to with about 148 entrees! Plus, they did it twice in one starting at 11 and one starting at 1. We went to the earlier one. They had such random things, it was kind of funny. They also had lots of different cultural displays like China, India, and Mexico. And of course there were a ton of horses. Tons. More horses then I have ever seen all at one time. Also lots of bands and guards marching in perfectly straight lines. Very British. One of my favorite things was the men on horses, in perfectly straight lines, playing instruments while they were riding! Talent I must ride perfectly straight, stir and control and horse, and play an instrument all at the same time. Brillant.

That night there was a fireworks show at 5PM. It was right by our house and we watched it over the River Thames. There were so many people, but it was still fun. Then we called up Steven again and took a stroll over to Bond Street for some Pinkberry frozen yogurt. A perfect ending to a great day. Pinkberry always makes everything better. :)

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