Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The London Turkey Hunt!

So Thanksgiving is tomorrow as I am sure all of you know. In the US, finding a turkey is very easy, especially around Thanksgiving time. They are everywhere! But in the is a different story.
Nate and I went on a turkey hunt yesterday and 4 hours later we came back to our apartment empty handed. It was a complete waste of time. We thought we would go to Costco and get our turkey. We rode the tube for an hour, then hopped on a bus, and then forever later, we finally got to Costco. They only had one kind of turkey and it was way way expensive! About double the price of what we had thought we would spend. It was because it was a free range turkey and a expensive brand. So we left Costco, after eating dinner at the food court of course, and went on our second trek.
Asda? Asda is the UK version of Walmart. It is actually owned by Walmart. So we found Asda on our Iphones and realized that there was one close by. So we ran to the bus, literally, and barely made it in time before it left. We finally found Asda, and go inside. It was a smaller store so they didn't have them! Only the large Asdas carry turkeys.
So we went home and gave up for the day.
This morning, Nate had class so I went on our 3rd turkey hunt alone. I went to Asda again, but this time to the larger store down in South London. It was about a 45 minute trek out there, but they did have them! I grabbed the largest, heaviest one that they had, bought it, shoved it in my empty backpack and walked to the bus stop. I was laughing to myself, the fact that I had a whole turkey strapped to my back and I was walking down the streets of London with it! It made my back cold too. :) But I had it to the bus, and now it is unthawing in our fridge for our Thanksgiving feast. We are celebrating with our group of college friends here and most people have class on Thursday (since it isn't an official holiday here) so we our doing our celebrations on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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