Tuesday, November 29, 2011

London Teaching Memories

London Teaching Memories:

1. We were talking about symmetry and how things need to look the same on both sides. We were dividing shapes in half so they were the same on both sides. Then we had a gingerbread man shape on the board. I drew a line down the middle cutting him in half. Then I drew a eye on one side, and said, "Ok, if there is an eye on this side, what do we need on the other side?" I did that with other things so they got the idea that the gingerbread man needed to be symmetrical on both sides. Anyway, then I said, "So if you draw a shoe on one side, what needs to be on the other?" "A shoe!" "Good! And if you draw pants on one side of his leg, what needs to be on the other side?" All the kids started laughing and looked embarrassed. I was confused. I then realized what I had just said. "Pants." They call underwear, pants here in England, and our pants are called "trousers." :)

2. There was a little girl today that I caught crying in the corner during free time. I was teaching a reception class which consists of 4 and 5 year olds. I asked her what was wrong and she burst even harder into tears and said, "I MISS MY MOM!!!" I tried to comfort her, but nothing helped. I later was talking to her and said, "So what is your name?" She said it through tears, but I couldn't understand because of a combination of her emotions and her accent. I asked her to spell it for me. She went like this, "mmmmmm.......aaaaaaa........rrrrrr......
lllllllll........aaaaaaa." (Instead of saying the letters, she said the sounds!) I put it together and said, "Oh! Is it Marla?" She nodded her head. It was very cute. The rest of the day she followed me around everywhere. Every time I would move, she would move with me. All during free time and recess time, she would follow me around instead of playing with the others kids. Poor little thing.....I know how she feels to miss her Mama sometimes! :)

3. During the afternoon, I was with Year 3 aged children, so 7 and 8 year olds. The core curriculum here includes swimming lessons all during Year 3 and Year 4. So for the afternoon, we took a little field trip down to the community swimming pool. We gathered all 21 children and rode the bus there. It was a crazy little outing. Kind of stressful to keep the kids all in one place and to make sure they don't get hit or lost! They all brought their swimming gear from home and their swimming caps to keep their hair dry. I thought it was pretty neat that they make this apart of their school day! What a great opportunity that is for the children!

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  1. Cute! So funny you're a foreigner. And yeah, that IS cool they get to swim during school. Awesome.