Tuesday, November 8, 2011

India Night!

On Friday night, Nate's management class held an Indian night. There are so many different cultures in his group so they decided to take turns doing different cultural nights to represent each culture in the class and to unite as a whole. The first one was India! All of the students were there and their spouses.

It was held at the Indian Embassy which is just across the street from the school. When we first got there I was greeted by having a sticker placed between my eyes and bracelets put on my wrist. Nate was greeted by being touched in the middle of the eyes with a brownish liquid that created a mark. It is called the "Third eye" and it allows you to view into another person's soul. We saw professional Indian dancers. I loved their facial expressions and head movements. We had Indian food which was very spicy for me, but Nate loved it! They showed a slide show presentation on India and taught us some basic facts and traditions of the country. We also heard some Indian songs and then had a big dance at the end! I also got an Indian tattoo on my hand in the shape of a sun/flower thing. It looked like chocolate sauce when you first put it on but then after it drys, it turns orangish in color. It was such a fun cultural evening with such fun people.

I wonder what we will do for American night..........

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