Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

When Cindy came to London last week I decided to do a small little surprise for her birthday. Her birthday was a few days before, but hey, better late than never right? Happy Birthday Cindy!

The cupcakes were divine. I have never really liked eating cake that much, but for some reason I have this strange fascination with cupcakes. I think it is because of their cute little size and how beautifully they look when they are frosted and decorated. I love all the interesting combinations of flavors that cupcake shops create and plus, back home, I used to watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network quite frequently which got me hooked on these delectable little treats!

These cupcakes were from Sweet Couture in Covent Gardens. We had three different flavors: Oreo, Coconut Raspberry, and Peanut Butter. Yum! They are soon coming out with their Christmas flavors which I just might have to try..... :)

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