Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Lunch at Traflaga Square!

On Friday, I had left the apartment and was one my way to the post office to mail off something. I was stopped by a lady that was handing out flyers. The words on the flyer caught my attention because big and bold on the top it read, "FREE LUNCH!" Now I love both of these words, free and lunch, but put together, that is awesome, especially since we are poor college students who live in the most expensive city in the world at the moment. So I read a little further and realized that from 12-2 at Trafalga Square they were giving out free lunch, and not just any lunch, vegetable curry!
So I quickly called Nate and he met me down at the square. It was pretty cool what was going on. They were trying to help us understand how much food is thrown away weekly. The motto was, "Fill bellies not bins." They took all this food that normally would have been thrown away like mishaped carrots and potatoes and apples that aren't so beautiful on the outside but perfect on the inside, and fed a ton of people with all of this surplus. They had curry with rice and freshly pressed apple and pear juice, that was really good. They were giving away free fruits and vege tables when you sign their pledge to not waste so much food. We got a whole bag of potatoes, grapes, and a bunch of bananas for free. (I wish they would do this every weekend! Free groceries!) They were also doing an activity where you could help bag produce for the homeless. They did cooking demonstrations of how to use parts of things instead of throwing them away. They were cooking up pig liver and saying that this is often thrown away by people when really it is very tasty! I don't know about that one.....
So many people were there all eating the same thing. It was a fun event. I love living right by Trafalga Square because cool things are happening there all the time.

This girl was helping with the day and she is holding up a carrot that would normally be thrown away but was used for this benefit. I think the carrot is cool looking! Too bad they can't sell them unless they look "perfect."

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  1. Man, you're lucky! What an awesome place to live and experience stuff like this. I hope you try pig liver while you're there:)