Monday, November 28, 2011

Cute Little Milo.....

Last Friday I taught Year 2. It was such a great day and a great experience. The kids were all angels and the staff at the school were completely helpful and sweet. All the kids were great, but there was one little boy that melted my heart. His name was Milo. He was this cute little blonde haired, blue eyed, slightly chubby, thick British accent boy that was as sweet as can be. He was so honest and nice to everyone. I can't imagine him ever being mean to anyone in his life.

When I needed something or had a question of how things usually go, I would ask Milo. He would help me and then we would move on. At lunch time, he came up to me and said, "Mrs. Hembree, you look like someone that I have seen on film. I can't remember what the film is called but you look like her. That girl on the film." Then during free time where they can color or draw or read, Milo approached me. "How do you spell your name? Will you write it down on this paper?" He made me this cute little picture and wrote my name on it. It was so sweet.

Then during weekly evalutations, the children write about things that they enjoyed doing in school that week. When Milo turned his in I glanced at it and read it. It said, "This week I enjoyed having Mrs. Hembree. She is so so so nice. I enjoyed learning a song with her." It was the cutest thing I ever saw.

The day was about to end and the kids were getting their coats and water bottles, and then lining up at the door to leave. Milo comes up to me and says, "Are you coming back tomorrow?" I said, "Tomorrow is Saturday! :)" He said, "Oh.....well, then, are you coming back on Monday?" I told him that I can only come back if his teacher was sick again. Then he gave me a big huge hug and said, "Mrs. Hembree, you are the best teacher in the whole world!" Then he lines up.

Kids like Milo make teaching totally worth it..... :)

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