Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can't Stop Laughing......

Yesterday was a hilarious day!

Do you ever have one of those days where tons

of funny things happen and you are just laughing all day long?

This was one of those days!

Funny things that happened yesterday:

1. So I already mentioned the dog one in my last post, but I wanted to tell it again because it should have gone in this post.....I was riding home on the tube, (the subway), and I was sitting next to a lady that was holding a cute little white fluffy dog. My heart goes soft when I see these type of dogs I think because those are the only kind I have ever owned. I started talking to the lady and her dog crawled on my lap, and I was snuggling with her. The lady told me it was Lilly's 2nd birthday and she was on her way to the vet for a checkup. I was having so much fun when I realized.....I missed my tube station stop! Hahah. I was so preoccupied with this cute little creature that I wasn't paying much attention to anything else.

2. On Sunday night, I made homeade brownies from scratch. We had a huge amount leftover and I didn't want to eat them all by myself, and Nate doesn't LOVE leftovers, so I decided to give some brownies to some of my favorite people on the floor. I took some to 2 rooms of Chinese girls and a room of girls from India. They all were so grateful and loved them. So tonight, I was downstairs doing laundry, and 2 of the Chinese girls were doing laundry too. They saw me and ran up to me thanking me so much for the brownies and telling me how wonderful they are. Then one of them puts her hands on my shoulders and says, "I want you to teach me. You need to teach me next week. Is it a secret recipe? I want to learn!" They went on about how my brownies were way better than the ones they bought from Tesco. I was laughing so hard. Ya, it was a good recipe, but nothing secretive. It was a fudgy brownies recipe from King Arthur Flour. I told them I would love to help them learn. So funny!

3. I taught Zumba last night and the class went great. It seems like there are more and more people there each week. The director said they are trying to add more classes for me because of my popular class. Yay! So after the class last night, there were two girls who approached me. Everyone else was gone. The girl said, "Hey! Can we get a picture?" I said, "Oh, that is so sweet of you! Of course! I probably look disgusting right now though cause I am so sweaty and everything, but sure. How nice." Then she hands me the camera.......to take a picture of her and her friend! I felt like an idiot, but had a good laugh afterwards!

4. Yesterday during teaching, I forgot to mention one more funny thing. The student teacher that was there had the class around her at the carpet and they were doing a math lesson. Some of the kids were being a little energetic and talking too much. She would look at them and say, "David, if you can't stop talking to your neighbor while I am talking, I will have to move you to Amber." Then another time she said, "Lilly, if you can't stop shouting out the answer without raising your hand, I will have to move you to Amber." I kept on thinking, Whoa! I wonder who this Amber lady is! I pictured the teacher taking the child into Amber's room and something terrible happening to them in there.....and Amber being this mean old lady so yells at them. The kids looked terrified when she would say, "Amber." I thought, Dang! I want to meet this Amber lady! She sounds awesome! I need to learn her skills......Later, I looked over on the wall and there was a management chart of a traffic light with red, yellow and green. The kids start on green each day and if they get progressively worse they move up the traffic light. If they get to red, they have to go into another teacher's room for time out. I then realized that they call the "yellow" traffic light color, amber. Amber is a color, not a person!

Have something funny happen to you recently? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Funny. You're on fire! Everyone loves your brownies and your zumba class!