Friday, November 11, 2011

10,000 Student Protest!

Last weekend Nate caught a horrible cold and hasn't been feeling that great since. Since he shares everything with me now that we are married......he lovingly shared his cold with me too! How sweet huh? :) So this week, I have had a nasty cold and haven't gone out as much as usual.

Nate called me on the way home from school on Wednesday and said, "Have you read the news recently or anything or been outside at all?" He began to tell me about what was going on just a little ways down the street from our bedroom window!

4,000 policemen were lining the streets waiting for the student protest to begin. I have never seen so many policemen all in one spot at one time! 10,000 university students were marching through the streets of London, yelling and waving signs about student fees. It was quite the sight that's for sure! Before the protest began, all the major streets were empty! Not a taxi, not a car, not even a red double decker bus was on the road. The streets were completely empty except for pedestrians and policemen. It was actually kind of nice not having to worry about getting hit while crossing the street! Then the students came marching through and it was thick with people. The policemen were there waiting for any violence to burst out and being prepared for the worst. They even had 4 helicopters hovering in the air ready to land if needed. It was crazy! The excitement just never ends living here.

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