Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Windsor Castle

On Monday, Jean, Paige, and I went to Windsor Castle. It was such a fun day. It is about an hour out of London so you have to ride the bus. It was running late so we waited for a while. We didn't know that this specific bus was extra money besides what we have on our oyster cards that we use for the tube, so we weren't prepared when it finally came. It was 14 pounds per person! That is about $20 per person! But we finally got there, and it was well worth the ride and the money.

The picture above is a good view of part of the castle. The castle as a whole is huge, and you can't take a picture of the whole thing. I look weird in that picture, but it was so bright outside! I look like I am in pain or something...... sorry.

The changing of the guard happens on odd days, weather permitting, at 11am. It was a fun ceremony to watch. The guards come out that have been on duty for 24 hours, and they get ready to have someone take their place. The other guards come down the street playing musical instruments and marching towards the castle. They all had serious faces and were perfectly together on every move.

We ate lunch down the road from the castle at "The Crooked House of Windsor." The building of this restaurant is actually starting to lean to the left, so that's how it got its name. You can't really tell the lean in the picture very well. Kind of like the Leaning Tower of Pisa I guess. They both started out straight, but then eventually became crooked over time. It was a cute little restaurant with sandwiches, salads, pastries, and hot drinks. You could even have afternoon tea there where they bring you a tier platter full of scones and crumpets with jams and jellys, and little triangle shaped sandwiches, and of course, tea. It was a quaint little place to dine for the afternoon.

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