Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I've Seen in London

Being in London has been a huge cultural shock for me. I am originally an Idaho girl. I didn't grow up eating potatoes like most people assume since I am from Idaho, but I grew up in Idaho none the less. No real big cities or anything particulary crazy going on. My first big move was to Utah to attend BYU where I was put even more into a bubble. I lived there for 7 years besides my mission to New England, and I became used to living around lots of members of the church.

Before moving to London, I had never lived internationally. I had visited Spain, France and Italy, but never lived there for a long period of time. This has been a new experience for me. It is my first time living in a big city, my first time riding "The Tube," and my first time being around so many different kinds of culture and people.

I wanted to capture some of the things that I see each day on a regular basis just walking to and from places. Some of these pictures are quite hilarious. All of them are real and I took them myself. I'll start with the funniest one first........
#1-This picture is with the Queen of England......or maybe just someone dressing up like her. I have seen this dressed up queen walking around before but didn't stop to take a picture with her. So today I did. But the most hilarious part is the next picture......Is the queen a man or a woman? Take a guess!

A man! Hahaha.....I couldn't believe it when he took off his mask. It kind of ruined the moment of getting a picture with him. Sex offender maybe? Child abuser? Homeless man off the street? Who knows! But he is making some money dressing up like the queen and taking pictures with people! I will probably see him on the next, "Most Wanted" poster. Oh well, "God Save the Queen!"
#2- A man playing the bagpipes.

#3- Painted statues. They are all over. These people spray paint themselves head to toe and stand completely still. They look so real. It is crazy. When I first got here and wasn't familiar with these statues, I was staring at one trying to figure out if it was a statue or a real person. All of a sudden, he popped his eyes open and stared directly at me. I jumped. It was indeed a real person!

#4- British executioner

#5- A bloody head sitting on top of a table. Good for Halloween coming up I guess! The things you can do to make some money!

#6- Another one of those statues, but just painted silver instead of gold this time. I decided to hop into the picture on this one.

#7- A hand done drawing on the sidewalk. This one is pretty cool. One of my favorites. It reminds me of the sidewalk chalk festival at the Gateway in Salt Lake City.

#8- 2 men walking on top of each other. This is during one of the many street shows that they perform each day. Only in London can you walk down the road and see a man standing on top of another man's head!

#9- Amazing balancing act. This man was holding a plastic knife in his mouth and then balancing an umbrella on the knife and then balancing a pot on top of the umbrella! Pretty amazing.

#10- A sextet of string players. They were dang good. They would even dance around while they were playing. I wanted to buy their CD!

#11- Chinese music. This man was playing an ancient Chinese instrument that was created over 3,000 years old. It had a really unique sound to it.

#12- Juggler/Cycler. This man was riding a unicycle while juggling bowling pins. Wow. I am sure that must have taken a lot of practice!

#13- A man juggling 4 knives at a time. I hope he doesn't cut himself!

#14- A man singing opera in a wife-beater tank top. He was actually very talented!

#15- A man wearing zebra clothes doing handstands on top of loose blocks.

#16- A man balancing a ladder on top of this head.

#17- A man balancing on a stool with 1 hand.

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