Monday, October 3, 2011

Tas Turkish Restaurant

Happy Anniversary! We spent our 1st year anniversary in London this year which was quite a treat. We spent the day at Buckingham Palace and the Queen's Gallery. We also walked around some of the beautiful parks in the area. We had dinner at a turkish food restaurant that we found in our guide to London book that Nate's mom gave us. It was called Tas and it was so good. We started off with an appetizer plate that included hummus and bread, tzatziki yogurt dip, falafels, aubergine with veggies (like eggplant), artichoke with other veggies, and dolma (rice mix wrapped in grape leaves. It was all so tasty and authentic. Everyone working there barely spoke English!

For our main dishes, Nate got three different kinds of meat and couscous. I got a vegetarian platter with couscous and yogurt dip. Every time the waitress would come she would brush the crumbs off of our table with a little tool. We also never had to ask for water or anything. When they saw our glass low, they would automatically come and refill it for us. It was great service!

The dessert was really interesting. We got baklava of course, which was so good. Probably the best either of us have ever had. Then we got this chestnut puree dessert with cream and chopped up pistachios on top. They recommended this one to us or else we probably wouldn't have ever thought to order it because it was so different, but it was excellent.

And to top off the night, they gave us hot cocoa with our own sugar cubes to sweeten it as much or as little as we wanted. It was a perfect ending to our evening. It was fun reminiscing about the past year and about our wedding day, thinking about all the funny things and memorable things that have happened. I love Nate so much. He is the best husband and so dang cute. I am so lucky!

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