Monday, October 3, 2011

Our British Costco Trip

Nate joined a rental car club called Zip Car. We can now rent the cars for 4-7 pounds an hour, depending upon which car we choose, and drive to where we need to go. That price includes gas and insurance so it is pretty cheap. The cars are parked on the road and have a sensor on them that recognizes you when you approach the car and you are able to get in. So we finally found the car (after a while because it wasn't where it was supposed to be) and started on our way. We drove a Volkswagon Golf. I started to go and sit in the drivers seat, and Nate said, "Kell, that is the driver's seat!" I forgot that in England, you sit on the opposite side of the car. So we get in and Nate realizes it is a manual! He gets a little nervous. So picture this- He is driving on the wrong side of the road, the wrong side of the car, a stick shift that is on his left side, in London, tons of one-way streets, tons of traffic and pedestrians everywhere, tons of crazy taxis and was insain! On the way there, the Iphone was losing battery power, and was on its last limb, so we were panicked. We luckily found a store in time and bought a car charger. Without the Iphone, we would have been completely lost! The traffic was horrible! It was only 11 miles away but it took us forever because of the traffic and we didn't know where we were going. The Iphone was frustrating though because when we would miss a turn and want it to re-route for new directions, it would just tell us to turn around instead of telling us a new way. In London, it isn't easy at all to just turn around. But we finally found our way. I am glad Nate is such a good driver because I never could have done it.

This was our massive Costco shopping cart! We bought a ton of stuff! I have never bought so much at Costco all at one time before. We bought as much as could fit into our car because we knew that anything there would be cheaper than the grocery stores in downtown London where we live. So we stocked up! Costco was very different from the UT or ID Costcos. They had very different brands and items, but some similar things. It was definitely an adventure!

The funny part was unloading everything. We parked the car illegally in the bus lane on the side of the road by our housing. We hurried and loaded all of our stuff into the lobby. Luckily a nice man from India held the door open for us, and we didn't get a ticket either. Nate then drove the car back to where it was parked, hurrying because our time limit was ending and if you don't get it there in time you get charged a huge late fee, and then walked back to our house. I stood guard of the food while I was waiting for him. It was hilarious seeing peoples' reactions. It was Friday night around 8:30pm and people were walking in and out for the evening. Most were dressed up in their late night sexy atttire, with revealing clothes, high heels and all. There I was guarding a massive amount of food. They were saying things like, "What is all this food? Was there a food delivery? This is crazy!" I just stood there. I didn't want to start taking food up and start putting it away for fear that someone might take it, even thought our freezer stuff was un-thawing like crazy.

Nate finally got home and we took different loads, rotating someone down there at all times. It was just super funny to me that everyone else was going out for the evening to drink and party at some bar, and here Nate and I were going grocery shopping and loading food up to our kitchen. I felt like such a Mormon. :) We spent a ton of money, but hopefully it will last us for a long time!

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  1. Nate's so brave to drive in the London traffic! I think they have the Zip rentals in larger cities here too. What a great idea! I can't believe they have Costco though. My family always does their shopping every other day or so because there's no storage space for food. No wonder people were gawking at your load! :)