Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Notting Hill" Sites

This weekend, we got together with some friends, Paige and Will and Chris and Jess, and watch Notting Hill, the movie with Julia Roberts. I had seen it before but not for a long time. I had been anxious to watch it again since we came to London. It was a really cute movie. It was fun to see the London dimensions that the movie had in it. The big London red buses, the Tesco grocery bag hanging in his apartment, the small narrow roads.....Then the next day, Nate and I were walking down Portabella Market. This is the street where a lot of the movie was filmed.

The first picture is of the "blue door." This is the door where Hugh Grant's character lives. Yes, the door is now black, but this is where it was and where it was filmed. The blue door that was used in the movie was auctioned off after the filming was complete. Now a black door is there.

The bookshop that Hugh Grant's character works at, where he first spots Julia Roberts, was called, "The Travel Bookshop." This is a picture of the front of it. This bookshop was the inspiration for the movie. The inside of the bookshop in the movie, was actually filmed at another store just around the corner that is now a clothing store called, "Notting Hill." It is so much fun to live in a place where popular movies have been filmed.

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