Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new friend, Paige

Paige and I eating our ice cream from Harrods. The flavors we got were cookies and nutella. Harrods is one of my new favorite stores. It is like Nordstorms on steroids and way, way, way more expenisve. I would never actually buy anything there because it is so dang expensive but I love looking around. They have clothing, furniture, toys, food, everything......It is also a great place to go for lunch because all their food is so fresh! They bake all of their bread each morning and have beautiful baguettes and scones. I took some baguettes home and some fresh cheese (I don't remember the name but it looked like mozzarella) and made meatball sandwiches for lunch one day with Nate. They turned out great!

This is my friend Paige. She is here with her husband and he is going to LSE just like Nate. They are both from Texas and have only been married for almost 3 months! They are the sweetest people ever and we are so grateful to have met them here. Paige and I have had some fun adventures together here in London. She can't work because of visa stuff and I haven't found a job yet, so we play together in London while our husbands are studying..... :) This is us taking a picture with this fun statue man. He looked so much like a real statue! Crazy!

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  1. So fun you have a friend to bum around with! Isn't Harrods the best??? I remember getting lost there when I was younger!