Sunday, October 23, 2011


Nate discovered Mooli's from his app on his Iphone, Urban Spoon. He was looking up good Indian food that was low in price that this came up. It got rave reviews and everyone said to hurry and go there before it explodes and expands and becomes more crowded and expensive because "it is going somewhere." It was started by a lawyer and a business man who were sick of their jobs and wanted a change. They took a risk and opened this restaurant. Their risk was successful and now it is a popular restaurant in London!

They have wraps and salads that are Indian flavors. The spices and sauces they use are so creative and interesting. It tastes like nothing you have ever eaten before so it is hard to compare it to something else. I think that is what makes it so popular is because it is so different and unusual but very addicting. The first time I went with Nate and I got a chicken wrap with lentils and pickled turnip and Nate got a beef wrap. The second time I went with Jean and got a chicken vegtable stew with a coconut pepper broth and their homeade roti bread. If you ever get to London, this place is worth a visit.

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