Monday, October 17, 2011

London Fun with Scott and Jean!!

Scott and Jean Delporte came to London this weekend. I met them almost 3 years ago in New Hampshire while I was on my mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Sister Ross and I were tracting on a cold snowy January sabbath day before our dinner appointment with the Rea family. We got to the dinner appointment early, so we felt prompted to knock some doors nearby. The first door we knocked, was a door slam. The second one we knocked was Scott. Scott answered the door and started talking to us. When we knocked on his door he was studying the trinity at his kitchen table. He was trying to understand how they could all be 1 person but different names and he wished that he better understood how it worked. We told him that we knew the Godhead to be 3 separate beings but with one purpose. He was very interested in discussing religion with us and invited us in to talk more. Jean wasn't home at the time so we couldn't go in without another female present, so we set up an appointment with the both of them for later on that week. He then got his coat and stood outside with us and we talked for about 15 more minutes. We had a great discussion and I was so excited to come back and teach both him and his wife!

They were a golden couple. After teaching them for about 4 months, they were finally baptized at the beginning of May, the week before I went home. They are so strong and an amazing example to me and everyone around them. They soaked up the truths of the gospel like little sponges and continue to grow each day. They both have 2 callings in their ward and are constantly busy doing family history and doing the temple work for their ancestors. I love them both so much! They are one of the main highlights of my mission! They are here in London for a week because Scott has work to do here for his company. We played all weekend and had a ton of fun. It has been fun having Nate getting to know them and them getting to know Nate. I feel so blessed to have served a mission and been an instrument in God's hands in bringing them into the gospel.

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  1. How awesome is that? That's such a sweet story. So cool that they're still super active and SO cool they came to London! Awesome! That must have been really fun.