Monday, October 3, 2011

London Bridge & Tower of London

"London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down,
London bridges falling down, my fair lady.
Take the key and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up,
take the key and lock her up, my fair lady."

This is the White Tower at the Tower of London. The Tower of London was pretty amazing. We had a tour guide dressed up in time period costume, taking us around and telling us stories that happened there. I couldn't believe all the gruesome things that happened there. So many stabbings, prisoner torturing, murders, and chopping off of heads. I am sure that there are some ghosts walking around there!

He did tell us one romantic story: A man was in prison there for something and wasn't planning on ever getting out. His wife would come every week and visit him in his prison. They made up a plan to get him out by dressing him up like a woman, like a lady in waiting. He even had a long red beard, but they covered it with a shawl. He did escape and his wife did too. They met up in Rome and lived happily ever after together. The poor guard who didn't catch this happening and realized that the man was gone, was tortured and killed.

I feel so sorry for these guards. Their life must be so boring. All they do is walk back and forth all day long and march. They can't show their personality or any expression. They must be so hot in that suit too! I was hot so I can't imagine wearing that heavy uniform and hat! But we did get a good picture out of it anyway. :)

One cool thing that we saw here was the Queen's jewels. I didn't get any pictures of them though, dang it. But we saw all the crowns, swords, and tea cup sets that are used by the royal family during coronations and other special times. One punch bowl that we saw was huge and made of pure gold! It could hold 144 bottles full of liquid. The crowns were gorgeous though and had huge diamonds and other precious gems on them. In some of the things that we read, the royal family said that they would get headaches after wearing the crowns because they weighed 5lbs. or more. They definitely have the life!


  1. That is so cool that you got to go to the tower of London! I kind of feel bad for the guards too. It seems so hard to stand so still all day!