Monday, October 3, 2011

Buckingham Palace

Our trip to visit the queen........Nate and I in front of the palace. It is so neat to think that it is still a royal palace today and that a real queen actually lives there. She goes to Scotland for the summer months so the palace is open for visitors. During the year, the palace is closed and she returns home. Luckily, we were there before the tour closed!

A British soldier guarding the palace entrance. There are two soldiers on guard at a time. They change the guard every other day at 11:30, weather permitting. We haven't seen it yet, but it is a grand event with music and lots of marching.

There are even police men guarding the palace. I took there picture because I thought their uniforms were interesting and different from the US. I think their hats are cute!

This was the funniest part of our day. You can't see very well in the picture, but there was a lunatic man that climbed up this pole in front of the palace. He handcuffed himself around it and was smoking a ciggarrette. He draped a big purple piece of fabric downt he front and was yelling something about justice. We couldn't make out all of it. Tons of people were gathered around taking his picture because the whole situation was so crazy. There were a ton of police officers there and ambulances, way more than needed. He wouldn't and couldn'te (I guess) get down, because of the handcuffs. So they had to get a ladder and climb up there to force him down. He was laughing the whole time and loving the attention. We left before it ended, but I am sure he was arrested and some. Crazy old man!

This is another day, (as you can tell by our change of clothes) when we came back to tour inside of the palace. This is after the tour when we took a picture behind it. The tour was amazing! We wore audio headphones that told us all these interesting facts about each room and what it is used for. I was amazed at the beauty and detail in everything. There is a huge grand staircase with red velvet carpet that is gorgeous. There are at least 2 fireplaces in each room. We also got to see the royal wedding dress that was worn by Catherine Middleton at the royal wedding. We watched a video on how it was made and the thought process behind it. We saw her cake, shoes and earrings and watched another video of the ceremony. We stood in the same room where they took their wedding pictures with the wedding pictures on display right in front of us. It was neat to see the actual spot that the pictures were taken! The music room was gorgeous. They said that they do baptisms in there too with water from the River Jordan for the royal grandchildren. It was such a fun time.

We ate some cute little desserts at The Garden Cafe in the backyard of Buckingham Palace. You can only eat there after the tour. They had the yummiest little treats. One was a chocolate biscuit mousse cake that was similiar to the cake that Prince William requested for his wedding cake. Then there was the strawberry cheesecake one that was divine. It had a pink fondant on top that was so good and a shortbread type of crust on the bottom. Yum!

This was a cool sight to see. The horses were marching towards the palace. I can't believe we really live here!?!

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