Monday, September 12, 2011

Universal Studios

Walking down the red carpet!

Universal Studios surprised us at how fun it was! We weren't expecting much but it was awesome. One of the fun things we did was the Jurassic Park ride. We went through a little log ride where there were lots of dinosaurs and then at the end there is a huge drop down and we got drenched! I mean, it looked like we just got out of the shower! We also did the Mummy roller coaster. It was unique because it went forwards and then backwards. We went on a tram tour through the places where they film most movies. The special effects were amazing with the water and the fire. We saw how they make cars look like they are flying up in the air after getting fired at. The special effects show was cool, and the animal show. We met the dog from Marley and Me. We ended the night with the 4D shrek ride/movie and then the Water World show, which was amazing. I would reccoment Universal Studios to anyone!

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