Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shark Diving!

Nate and I and a few friends decided to go shark diving. It was my last week in Hawaii and I wanted to do something exciting. This is a picture of us before getting on to the boat.

The boat on the right is the boat that we took out into the water. The cage above it is the cage that they put into the water after we got in. This is how the process went: We got into the boat and drove out into the water far out into the ocean to a shark feeding area. We went in groups of 3. They put the cage into the water and then we got in with snorkeling gear on. I had an underwater camera too which was fun to take pictures with. Then they threw big pieces of meat into the water and the sharks would come. They swam right by our cage. It wasn't scary because the cage was protecting us, but if we reached out the holes, we might lose a limb!

Afterwards, we got shaved ice at Matsumoto's, the best shaved ice on Oahu. This is my friend Jasmine. She was one of my favorite people in Hawaii.

This is my cute husband Nate, and I. This is the same place that we had our first date!

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