Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sea World San Diego

My sweet parents, Doug and Vickie, sitting in the penguin room at Sea World, waiting for the penguin encounter to start. It was so hot outside, but the penguin room was freezing because it has to be cold for them to live. They make it as much like their natural habitat as possible. We were sitting there for a long time waiting for the show to start and we huddled together on the bench to keep warm. Dad put that paper on his head to keep the air condiitioning from hitting him. We enjoyed our snacks that we packed while we waited for it to start.

Nate and I, sitting and waiting for the penguin encounter. There were all types and sizes in the exibit together. There were some big fat ones and some little guys. they were all adult penguins but just different breeds. One interesting fact that we learned was that penguins stay warm not by their fat but by their feathers. They have a ton of feathers on them, layers and layers. Also, when a mother penguin loses her chick, she will steal another mother's chick and call it her own.

The gang. We had such a fun day. I was so lucky to spend 2 whole weeks with my three favorite people.

Nate, Mom and Dad at the shark exhibit. You can't see in this picture, but there are sharks all around them. We were walking through an underground glass tunnel so we could see all the sharks around us.

This little guy made a sound like the Dumb and Dumber "most annoying sound in the world." It was hilarious! He was pretty loud and obnoxious. He was definitly the most aggresive sea lion of the whole bunch. People could buy a pack of fish and feed the sea lions. They would beg and squack at us until a fish was thrown.

Here are some more sea lions in the sea lion area. They have so much personality!

The Shamu show was an all time favorite of the day. Wow! It was amazing! I remember loving it when I was 6 and went with my family. I remember being in awe at Shamu and how he would jump out of the water and flick water at us. The show was even better than what I remember. I was amazed at how they would jump right in beat with the music and together with all the whales. They were so entertaining.

These are their trainers. The show has changed quite a bit since the accident that happened in Orlando. A trainer was killed by one of the whales. Since then, the trainers are not allowed to get in the water with them. Sad, but it still is an excellent show.

It is amazing the tricks that they would do. They turn around in circles, clap their fins together, pose in positions, shake their heads yes and no, and jump up in the air and do flips and dives.

We also went to an amazing dolphin show. This is the stage. The trainers would give cues, the dolphins would do the tricks, and then they would get their reward- a big pile of fish. Yum!

Pretty awesome picture that I got. All the dolphins jumping in the air at the same time.

We stood in line to ride the gondola. It was a long line but it was worth the wait. It was a gorgeous sunset that night.

Nate and I on the gondola. So relaxing seeing San Diego from a whole new angle.

My cute dad and I riding the gondola.

We went to a night Shamu show called, "Shamu Rocks." The whales did tricks as they rocked out to rock-n-roll music. So much fun.

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