Monday, September 12, 2011

San Diego Safari Park

So we bought the city passes for our motorhome adventures which gave us the following: 3 days at Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios, and either one day at San Diego Zoo or 1 day at Safari Park. We chose Safari Park since none of us had ever been there. Besides charging for everything inside the park after you have paid the admission fee, it is a great place! It is like a zoo but better because the animals are free to roam around as they please in their natural environment. It is as close to a African Safari as I will probably ever get!

Mom is enjoying the animals in her terminator glasses! I didn't have sunglasses the entire trip, left them at home, but home was fully covered!

We took an African tram ride around the park. It was super fun and we had a great tour guide giving us facts about the animals along the way.

Some rhinos that we saw along our tram ride.

They really did a great job making the environment look so real and natural for the animals. Besides the chainlink fences, everything else looked like we were really watching the animals in their natural environment.

The lions were some of our favorite animals at Safari Park. There was 1 male and 2 females. They said that in the wild they die after about 10 years, but because of their "Bed and Breakfast" type of lifestyle, they live to about 30 years there at the park.

They had a tram ride (we didn't do it because it was $80 a person, on top of the park admission fee) that took you around to see the animals with a private tour guide and you could feed the animals right from your ride. There were a ton of giraffes. They said that they move the animals around from zoo to zoo in the US to keep the gene pool clean. They said that they have a lot more giraffes there than normal now because they brought in a young male from a Florida Zoo that was nice with the ladies. He has impregnated 14 of the femals giraffes since he has been there! Now he has been busy. They said they are moving him away to a different zoo soon because they can't have any more of his genes.

Our cute little lion friend.

They had a group of elephants that they saved from Swaziland Africa and brought them to the park. They saved seven of them and since then, they have had nine babies in total. The moms and babies were so cute together. The babies would follow their moms around and do whatever they would do.

This little elephant was going down to the water hole to get a drink. He slipped and fell, but got right back up. He was so cute!

Me, Mom, Dad and Nate in the gift shop playing with the animal puppets. Yes, this picture was my idea.....

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