Monday, September 12, 2011


Mikelle and Nate........"Oooh la la, Pinkberry is so delicious!"

Vickie and Doug.........."Oh me, oh my! Give me more Pinkberry Paleeeeese!"

Erin and Reagan............"Whoa Baby! We are now officially addicted to this stuff!!!"

You are probably laughing at my comments that I wrote here, but I am SERIOUS. All of you frozen yogurt lovers out there! Watch out! Pinkberry is the best frozen yogurt I have ever eaten in my life. No joke. It even blows Red Mango out of the water, and Red Mango is dang good. They have this yogurt that is PB yogurt topped with organic strawberry jam and toasted bread crumbs. WOW!!! It tastes like a PB&J sandwich in dessert form. And I don't even like those sandwiches that much. But this.....this is dang good!

Check out Pinkberry here.

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