Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grand Canyon

On August 20th, 2011, Nate, Me, my mom and dad, left for a 2 week trip in the Hembree's motorhome. We started off to a rough start. We left on Saturday afternoon, got to Payson which is about 30 minutes from Provo, and I noticed that my tissue that was on the dashboard slipped down into the crack of the window. I thought it was odd that a tissue would be able to fit into such a small hole. Then I saw the tissue flying out the window from the mirror. Then we realized that the whole front windshield was shaking. We pulled over and found that about 4 feet of the windshield had popped out of the rubber and was giggling back and forth! We drove slowly to a close by Walmart, bought some Gorilla tape, taped it up, and then drove back to Provo. Because it was Saturday night, there was no one available to help us fix it until Monday morning, so we hung out at Joyce's house in Provo for 2 days. After this delay, we were on our way!

After sleeping in a truck stop in Kanab, UT, we made our way to the Grand Canyon. It is so beautiful! We took a bus tour and saw different view outlooks. We went to a presentation given by a man who was an expert about caves. He said there were over 1,000 caves in the Grand Canyon. They have found ancient artifacts and fossils in the caves teaching them about the ancient people and animals that used to live there many years ago.

We found this cool ancient Indian house on the way to the Grand Canyon. We stopped and took a look. I don't know how they lived in that heat all year round!

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