Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Kona Trip!- Kona Temple

Nate and I decided to do a small 4 day trip to the Big Island. We found cheap tickets and flew over. When we got there we rented a car, but it wasn't just any car. We ended up with a Mustang convertible. So it was pretty awesome riding around Hawaii in a convertible with the top off, having the wind blowing through our hair. Amazing. We did tons of fun things while we were there, and it was kinda like a pre-honeymoon, except without the you know what..... :) The temple was gorgeous with the palm trees all around. We got to do an endowment session while we were there. Such a fun experience! The Laie temple had been closed for so long for the remodel the whole time living in Hawaii, so it was nice to finally go to the temple again!

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