Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On a Mango Hunt!

One of my favorite memories of our trip was when we went on a mango hunt. We got up in the morning and wanted to go pick some mangos from the mango trees that were surrounding the land. Because no one lives at the house, the yard is very unkept, and there is tall grass (6 feet)growing everywhere that makes it hard to walk through. Inside the tall grass were pig trails where the grass has been pushed down by wild pigs. These animals are very dangerous, which made this adventure even more of a thrill. Nate found this "weapon" that he is holding, and used it to cut through the grass to create trails that we could walk through. It was so funny because he looked like a little boy playing super hereos as he chopped down the grass. I followed along behind him with a bag to collect the mangos in. When we got to the tree, Nate chopped down the mangos and I would attempt to catch them in my bag. It was so funny! I actually caught quite a few and had a ton of fun doing it. The mangos were green and not quite ripe yet, but still good. The best thing was that we didn't run into any wild pigs!

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