Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Kona Pictures

We were walking back to our car when we ran into a man that was walking back from fishing. Nate held the fish and we took a picture with him.

Us enjoying ourselves by a little creek.

This is another drive by, pull over, get out our camera shot. It amazing to see random waterfalls all along the roads just while driving in our car. I love Hawaii.

The Volcano!

The volcano!

Nate's backpack was full of marshmallows and roaster sticks, because we had the idea to sneak out onto the volcano and roast marshmallows. Then we could say that we have eaten marshmallows that were roasted by a volcano! But, we decided against it and didn't end up doing it.

We are posing on hardened lava.

Our "Hotel"

This is the house that we stayed at. It kind of had a cabin type of feel inside. It was completely out in the middle of no where!

Hikes and Waterfalls.....

I can't believe how tan we used to be! It makes me sick!

We saw so many amazing waterfalls on this little hike. It was alot of fun and we saw some breathtaking views.

The waterfalls created a lot of mist which made it a little chilly, so Nate, being the gentleman that he is, offered me his jacket. :)

This flower looked fake. So beautiful.

What? I was thirsty!

What an amazing day!

This is one of my favorite pics. :)

The flowers in Hawaii are unlike any other flowers. Seriously. This flower did not even look real, but is looked like a bow on top of a present or something. So cool.

Gorgeous Waterfall from the Road!

You can't tell from these pictures, but this view was completely out of this world. I mean gorgeous. Unlike anything I have ever seen before. It looks like a tropical paradise with this waterfall coming down through it. It looks like it is right out of a movie scene! We were driving by and exploring and looked over when we saw it. We immediately pulled over and got out to take some pics. It was on a busy highway, so we had to make it quick. Luckily, another couple was nice enough to take some pics for us.

Gorgeous View!

The Big Island is a gorgeous island and what makes it so amazing it the diversity. Some parts look like Colorado full of flat lands with cows and rolling hills more on the dry side, and then other parts look green, lush, and tropical. This was such a gorgeous view. Absolutely breathtaking. Being in Hawaii made me so grateful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who made the earth for us. They created such beautiful scenery that I feel so blessed to live in. Nate and I are wearing our tye-dyed shirts that we made on our triple date in Laie a few days before.

On a Mango Hunt!

One of my favorite memories of our trip was when we went on a mango hunt. We got up in the morning and wanted to go pick some mangos from the mango trees that were surrounding the land. Because no one lives at the house, the yard is very unkept, and there is tall grass (6 feet)growing everywhere that makes it hard to walk through. Inside the tall grass were pig trails where the grass has been pushed down by wild pigs. These animals are very dangerous, which made this adventure even more of a thrill. Nate found this "weapon" that he is holding, and used it to cut through the grass to create trails that we could walk through. It was so funny because he looked like a little boy playing super hereos as he chopped down the grass. I followed along behind him with a bag to collect the mangos in. When we got to the tree, Nate chopped down the mangos and I would attempt to catch them in my bag. It was so funny! I actually caught quite a few and had a ton of fun doing it. The mangos were green and not quite ripe yet, but still good. The best thing was that we didn't run into any wild pigs!

Exploring Kona.....

2 weeks before our Kona trip, Nate went to Kona with his Hawaiian Studies class to go sailing. His teachers showed them some ancient Hawaiian spots that tourists don't know about. Nate took me to some of these spots and shared with me some of the stories. This spot is considered very sacred and holy to the Hawaiian people, so much so, that we are asked to take our shoes off as we walked around on the rocks. It is a cemetry full of tombstones symbolizing Hawaiian people who have passed away. It was gorgeous here and so peaceful.

The Rental Car!

We had way too much fun in this thing!

Here is our 2nd rental car......after the other one broke......or maybe we broke it? We don't know..... haha.

Black Sand Beach!

One of my favorite things that we did on the Big Island was go to the black sand beach! It was so much fun. The sand felt the same as normal sand but it was completely black. So cool. I had never experienced anything like it. Gorgeous. This is us before we got down to the beach, just enjoying the view.

The gorgeous beach.......on a gorgeous day........

With a gorgeous boy!

We enjoy taking long walks on the beach.... :)

I just can't believe how this sand is so black! It was so cool. We put some in a little baggy and took it home with us.

Nate and I playing footsie......My feet are the ones on the right, with the pink toenails. :)

French toast coming right up!

We got into Kona in the afternoon, got the car, and then ran some errands. We stayed at one of Nate's Hawaiian Uncle's homes in this isolated area on the coast of Kona. It is on a huge plot of land with horses and mango trees. It is gorgeous! No one lives there currently so we had the whole house to ourselves. We had a full out kitchen so after grocery shopping, we were ready to start cooking. For breakfast the first day we made some amazing french toast on Hawaiian sweet bread with strawberries and whip cream. It was so fun just being with Nate and feeling what it would be like to be married to him. We both knew that this trip would either make or break our relationship, because we would either be completely sick of each other, or we would know that we really wanted to be together. For me, this trip is what made me fall in love with Nate and realize that I wanted to marry him. I could see us being married and how happy we would be together. It felt like we were married and I loved it!

Nate making biscuits and gravy, his staple breakfast meal. This is the first food that he ever cooked for me in Hawaii, when we first started dating, so it is dear to my heart.

Our Kona Trip!- Kona Temple

Nate and I decided to do a small 4 day trip to the Big Island. We found cheap tickets and flew over. When we got there we rented a car, but it wasn't just any car. We ended up with a Mustang convertible. So it was pretty awesome riding around Hawaii in a convertible with the top off, having the wind blowing through our hair. Amazing. We did tons of fun things while we were there, and it was kinda like a pre-honeymoon, except without the you know what..... :) The temple was gorgeous with the palm trees all around. We got to do an endowment session while we were there. Such a fun experience! The Laie temple had been closed for so long for the remodel the whole time living in Hawaii, so it was nice to finally go to the temple again!