Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tye Dyed T-Shirts Date

Eliza, Kulani and I decided to plan a triple date at Eliza's house. We made tye-dyed t-shirts. First we wrap rubber bands around the whole shirt in lots of different places. Nate and I didn't mean to match, but it seemed like we matched quite often. Nate would pick me up and we would realize that we wore similiar colors. Haha. Great minds think alike!

Then we dyed the shirts with all different colors. It was fun experimenting with the colors and seeing how they turn out. It is fun because you can't really mess it up!

Then we played pictionary on the walls. It was a ton of fun. We could draw the pictures as large as we wanted to. Nate and I sadly lost......out artist skills need a little work, but we still had fun.

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