Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pyramids Egyptian Restaurant

This is one of my favorite restaurants! So dang good......It is called Pyramids and it is Egyptian Meditarrian food. The decor was amazing. It made us feel like we walked into a different country. There were egyptian hyroglifics on the walls and pictures of pyramids. We had homeade humus and yogurt dip with pita bread that was to die for. We got a sample plate of falafels, tabouleh, greek meat that was half lamb half beef, this wild rice and veggies wrapped in grape leaves, and other good!
The best part of the night was the belly dancer! We were in the middle of eating, when all of a sudden this music came on and this lady came out and started dancing around the tables. It was hilarious but really added to the whole feeling of the restaurant. So much fun.

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