Sunday, June 12, 2011

PCC Memories!

The Polynesian Cultural Center sign outside the front of the center. It was so fun to live 5 min away from this amazing place!

My roomate and one of my favorite friends from Hawaii, Kulani! Kulani was a tour guide the same days that I was a ticket taker, so we saw each other lots during the day. We had so much fun together all the time and my experiences in Hawaii wouldn't have been the same without her! I love Kulani!

My job was the best because I got to sit there for 8 hours and practice my ukulele. I got really good at it!

This was one of my favorite people that I met in Hawaii. His name is Samita and he is from Samoa. He would make me Samoan food like cocoa and rice, and this banana puree drink. He also would take care of me and buy me some ice cream or a Hawaiian icee on the really hot days. I miss him!

We did some Flat Stanley pictures for the Hansen family in New Hampshire. The pictures turned out cute, so I thought I would put them on my blog.

This is where I spent many of my hours in Laie, my little ticket taker shack. My umbrella was nice to keep my scalp from getting sunburned, but when it was windy or rainy, it would break and snap many times, I went without the umbrella.

It was fun having matching outfits with Nate at work. Me in my mumu and Nate in his selu and Aloha shirt!

Me riding a canoe getting a good Flat Stanley picture. ;)

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