Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our First Date!

Nate and I met at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. We were both going to school at BYUH. Nate worked as a tour guide for the PCC and I worked there as the ticket taker during the day and then sold Hawaiian jewelry at night in the Marketplace.

The first time I saw Nate he was wearing his black Hawaiian skirt and a pink flowered button down shirt. He was really tan from living in Hawaii for so long! He came around the corner with his tour group walking towards me and he was glowing. His smile was huge and he was beaming from ear to ear. He just looked so happy and radiant. I thought to myself, "Wow! He looks like he must be an amazing sharp guy. I hope that I can get to know him better." Little did I know that I would end up marrying him!

Our first date was on Marcy 27, 2010. Nate picked me up in the morning around 10 and we spent the whole day together! He picked me up in his navy Jeep which I thought was pretty hot. :) We drove to Kaena Point which is the western most tip on the island of Oahu. Part of the road to get there was really bumpy so we were flying everywhere in the jeep. It was so pretty on that part of the island and so peaceful. We walked around the beaches, saw lots of crazy endangered birds, and a seal just laying there on the rocks!

Then Nate took me on some fun Hawaiian adventures.......being in so many Hawaiian culture classes, we took me to this ancient holy Hawaiian birthing spot. There were tons of old rocks where the ancient Hawaiian women would lay out to give birth! Then we went to Matsumoto's to get their famous shaved ice and then to Kahuku Grill for some Hawaiian barbecue food. We had such easy good conversation. I was amazed at how real, sincere and deep he was. It was really attractive to me.

He dropped me off at 5 and while dropping me off he said, "So, my roommates and I were planning on watching a movie tonight around 8, do you want to come?" I knew that he must like me if he still wanted to see me after spending the entire day with me! He wasn't sick of me yet! I was really excited because I knew that I just spent my day with an amazing person who I felt so comfortable with! He picked me up later that night, and after going to the Akinas for a cheesecake recipe, we made cheesecake at his apartment and had a dessert potluck with his roommates. Then we watch "Mall Cop" on his wall with the projector. What a fun day!

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