Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nate's Graduation!

Nate graduated in April of 2010 from BYUH with a degree in history and Asian Studies. Elder Cook from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came and spoke to the graduates. It is a tradition at BYUH to bring the new graduates leis and put them around their necks. People make all sorts of different kinds of leis! There are candy leis, money leis, flower leis, and even some weird ones like hamburger and sushi leis! Some people had leis literally up to their ears, some you could barely tell who they were! Like here for example:

After graduation, Nate's family, Nate and I all went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the day. Nate was our own private tour guide. We watched the canoe show, toured around the villages and had a lot of fun. That day in the PCC was the first time that Nate officially held my hand in public. :) It sounds dumb to write but it was a big deal at the time. It showed me that he was willing and ready to announce to the "world" that we were dating. Then the gang went to the Luau for dinner and I ran off to work my night shift at Momi's in the marketplace. We met up later during the night show.
Nate is really good at the ukulele. He took a class at BYUH. He let me borrow his to practice and his music book. I practiced everyday at work and learned a ton of songs. I played for the guests as they came in. Some of them even gave me a tip!

We even took a Hawaiian dance class where they taught us how to do the hula! It was pretty funny seeing everyone trying to move their hips!

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