Sunday, June 12, 2011

Momi's Pearl Shop!

Momi's is where I worked at night at the marketplace. As the guests were walking to the night show we would try to stop them and show them the oysters. We had fun Hawaiian music playing in the background to attract the guests and to dance to when there were no guests around. :) We had a big tank of oysters that we put in the tank. Then the guests would come and pick an oyster from the tank, the one they thought looked, "lucky." Then we did a pearl birthing ceremony where we would tap the pearl 3 times and while saying "1,2,3" and then yelling "Aloha!" while we rang the bell and blew the conch shell horn. It was really entertaining and we would jazz it up to get the guests really excited. Then we would open up the oyster and see what color the pearl was. We acted like we didn't know what color was inside, but we had them secretly labeled on the outside so that only the employees knew what color the pearl was. This way, if a guest really wanted a certain color, we could lead them to one way in the tank, so that they wouldn't be dissatisfied. We would say things like, "Hmmmm......I feel like this one is really good over here, I kinda feel like that one could be a pink one," or something like that. We told the guests to pick out the ugliest oyster that they could find because "the uglier the oyster, the prettier the pearl is inside." Then we would take out the pearl, drill a hole in it, and then try to sell them some setting of Hawaiian jewlery to put their pearl into. Then they paid and we set the pearls, and then we delievered their jewelry pieces to them during the intermission of the night show.

Mikelle, Ambree and two favorite Momi's girls. :) We had alot of fun together!

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