Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Love BYU Hawaii!

I love BYU Hawaii!!!
Going to BYU was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! It was a place for me to go and get away from life for a while and heal with a fresh start. I made so many great friends, did some adventureous crazy things, and best of all, met my sweetheart Nate. I have so many great memories from Laie. I cried so hard the day before I left. I didn't want to leave this beautiful place that treated me so well. I wanted to stay and finish my degree there, but they didn't have my exact major. They had Elem. Ed, but not Early Childhood Ed, so I would have had to do a year plus of school to change. Otherwise, I would have stayed for sure!

I am sitting in front of the circle of flags, where they have flags from every country that they have students attending. It was fun to look up and see all the different flags and realize that wow, there is so much culture all around me. I met so many great people from all around the world and I will always cherish their friendships.

Another Flat Stanley picture......

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