Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hembree Family Comes to Hawaii

Nate's parents, Gail and James came to Hawaii to visit along with his brother Brandon, sister Elizabeth, and best friend, Darren. They came for Nate's graduation. Nate invited me to go pick them up at the airport at 6AM in Honolulu, so we met them there and put leis around their necks to welcome them to Hawaii. Nate bought one for me too without me knowing and put it around my neck. :) I thought it was strange to meet his family after dating for only a week, but I was up for the adventure!

We spent the whole day with the Hembrees. We ate breakfast at "Eggs and Things" in Honolulu. Soooo good! They have macadamia nut banana pancakes and coconut syrup and other scrumptious menu items. We explored around downtown Honolulu. We walked through different hotels and around the outsides of them by the beaches.

I am pointing to the flamingos but you can't really see them that great. Cool to have flamingos standing so close to me though!

This is me at the circus museum trying to fit into this small glass box. Hahah!

We got to dress up in circus clothes and pretend like we were part of the act.

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