Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun times with Kulani!

I felt like a Ariel sitting on a rock.

It was so beautiful!

We are ready to go swimming and take a dive!

Some of the coolest trees I have ever seen have been in Hawaii. They seem like trees off of a movie or in fairy tales!

It was gorgeous in there! We were across from Waimea at the botanical flower gardens. It is always nice too because students get in for free.

I can't believe the size of the leaves in Hawaii. They are bigger than our heads!

It looks like she is not......but yes, she is wearing clothes. The leaf is just so big that you covers her entire body!

Yes! We saw a peacock just walking by.......amazing!

Besides Nate, I fell in love with mochi ice cream while I was in Hawaii! It is seriously the best thing ever. I would seriously go out of my way on the bus sometimes, just to go to Haleiwa and get their mochi ice cream. They had it at the PCC too, but in Haleiwa they had way better flavors! Soooooo dang good!

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