Monday, June 13, 2011

Hawaiian Scenery

On On our drive back home from Hanauma Bay, we saw some gorgeous views and decided to get out and capture the moment with a camera. Hawaii is seriously paradise!

I am so in love with this boy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hanauma Bay!

Hanauma Bay was the most beautiful place on earth. It is like a little piece of heaven. The fish are so beautiful and colorful. It is amazing how close you can get to them when you are snorkeling. There are giant sea turtles too that you can touch. It is absolutely breathtaking and my secret dream of being a mermaid in the ocean came true for a short while. :)

My favorite part was holding hands with Nate as we explored the ocean. I just love this cute boy!

Tye Dyed T-Shirts Date

Eliza, Kulani and I decided to plan a triple date at Eliza's house. We made tye-dyed t-shirts. First we wrap rubber bands around the whole shirt in lots of different places. Nate and I didn't mean to match, but it seemed like we matched quite often. Nate would pick me up and we would realize that we wore similiar colors. Haha. Great minds think alike!

Then we dyed the shirts with all different colors. It was fun experimenting with the colors and seeing how they turn out. It is fun because you can't really mess it up!

Then we played pictionary on the walls. It was a ton of fun. We could draw the pictures as large as we wanted to. Nate and I sadly lost......out artist skills need a little work, but we still had fun.

Pyramids Egyptian Restaurant

This is one of my favorite restaurants! So dang good......It is called Pyramids and it is Egyptian Meditarrian food. The decor was amazing. It made us feel like we walked into a different country. There were egyptian hyroglifics on the walls and pictures of pyramids. We had homeade humus and yogurt dip with pita bread that was to die for. We got a sample plate of falafels, tabouleh, greek meat that was half lamb half beef, this wild rice and veggies wrapped in grape leaves, and other good!
The best part of the night was the belly dancer! We were in the middle of eating, when all of a sudden this music came on and this lady came out and started dancing around the tables. It was hilarious but really added to the whole feeling of the restaurant. So much fun.

Jack Johnson Concert!

Nate got two tickets to the Jack Johnson concert in Honolulu. I was so excited that he asked me to go. We had really good seats. The downfall was that everyone around us was drinking and smoking pot, but we had fun anyway.

The whole concert was promoting saving the environment and recycling and organic foods, so we went around to all the booths and got all the samples multiple times. They had Bare Naked granola, organic greek yogurt and Kashi granola bars. All of my favorite things. We ate way too much!

Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant!

For a double date, we went with some friends from the PCC who we worked with. We went to Honolulu to Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. It is a cool idea there because it is all family style. There aren't individual entrees, but everything is huge and then you share it with your table. So we got a pasta dish and a giant pizza. So good! Afterwards we walked around Honolulu and explored a little.

Fun times with Kulani!

I felt like a Ariel sitting on a rock.

It was so beautiful!

We are ready to go swimming and take a dive!

Some of the coolest trees I have ever seen have been in Hawaii. They seem like trees off of a movie or in fairy tales!

It was gorgeous in there! We were across from Waimea at the botanical flower gardens. It is always nice too because students get in for free.

I can't believe the size of the leaves in Hawaii. They are bigger than our heads!

It looks like she is not......but yes, she is wearing clothes. The leaf is just so big that you covers her entire body!

Yes! We saw a peacock just walking by.......amazing!

Besides Nate, I fell in love with mochi ice cream while I was in Hawaii! It is seriously the best thing ever. I would seriously go out of my way on the bus sometimes, just to go to Haleiwa and get their mochi ice cream. They had it at the PCC too, but in Haleiwa they had way better flavors! Soooooo dang good!

I Love BYU Hawaii!

I love BYU Hawaii!!!
Going to BYU was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! It was a place for me to go and get away from life for a while and heal with a fresh start. I made so many great friends, did some adventureous crazy things, and best of all, met my sweetheart Nate. I have so many great memories from Laie. I cried so hard the day before I left. I didn't want to leave this beautiful place that treated me so well. I wanted to stay and finish my degree there, but they didn't have my exact major. They had Elem. Ed, but not Early Childhood Ed, so I would have had to do a year plus of school to change. Otherwise, I would have stayed for sure!

I am sitting in front of the circle of flags, where they have flags from every country that they have students attending. It was fun to look up and see all the different flags and realize that wow, there is so much culture all around me. I met so many great people from all around the world and I will always cherish their friendships.

Another Flat Stanley picture......

Makapuu Point Lighthouse

One day we decided to take trip out to the Makapuu Point Lighthouse. We took Flat Stanley with us to get some more pics. It was a long walk up to the top but we made it. We saw some whales jumping in the water too! So fun!

It was so windy that day, hence the crazy hair!

Momi's Pearl Shop!

Momi's is where I worked at night at the marketplace. As the guests were walking to the night show we would try to stop them and show them the oysters. We had fun Hawaiian music playing in the background to attract the guests and to dance to when there were no guests around. :) We had a big tank of oysters that we put in the tank. Then the guests would come and pick an oyster from the tank, the one they thought looked, "lucky." Then we did a pearl birthing ceremony where we would tap the pearl 3 times and while saying "1,2,3" and then yelling "Aloha!" while we rang the bell and blew the conch shell horn. It was really entertaining and we would jazz it up to get the guests really excited. Then we would open up the oyster and see what color the pearl was. We acted like we didn't know what color was inside, but we had them secretly labeled on the outside so that only the employees knew what color the pearl was. This way, if a guest really wanted a certain color, we could lead them to one way in the tank, so that they wouldn't be dissatisfied. We would say things like, "Hmmmm......I feel like this one is really good over here, I kinda feel like that one could be a pink one," or something like that. We told the guests to pick out the ugliest oyster that they could find because "the uglier the oyster, the prettier the pearl is inside." Then we would take out the pearl, drill a hole in it, and then try to sell them some setting of Hawaiian jewlery to put their pearl into. Then they paid and we set the pearls, and then we delievered their jewelry pieces to them during the intermission of the night show.

Mikelle, Ambree and two favorite Momi's girls. :) We had alot of fun together!

PCC Memories!

The Polynesian Cultural Center sign outside the front of the center. It was so fun to live 5 min away from this amazing place!

My roomate and one of my favorite friends from Hawaii, Kulani! Kulani was a tour guide the same days that I was a ticket taker, so we saw each other lots during the day. We had so much fun together all the time and my experiences in Hawaii wouldn't have been the same without her! I love Kulani!

My job was the best because I got to sit there for 8 hours and practice my ukulele. I got really good at it!

This was one of my favorite people that I met in Hawaii. His name is Samita and he is from Samoa. He would make me Samoan food like cocoa and rice, and this banana puree drink. He also would take care of me and buy me some ice cream or a Hawaiian icee on the really hot days. I miss him!

We did some Flat Stanley pictures for the Hansen family in New Hampshire. The pictures turned out cute, so I thought I would put them on my blog.

This is where I spent many of my hours in Laie, my little ticket taker shack. My umbrella was nice to keep my scalp from getting sunburned, but when it was windy or rainy, it would break and snap many times, I went without the umbrella.

It was fun having matching outfits with Nate at work. Me in my mumu and Nate in his selu and Aloha shirt!

Me riding a canoe getting a good Flat Stanley picture. ;)