Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aloha Everyone!

You know you are in Hawaii when.....

1. You know you are in Hawaii when you look out your bedroom window and see an orange tree to your left and a coconut tree to your right.

2. You know you are in Hawaii when you walk down the street and see random roosters and chickens (with baby chicks following their mothers) walking along with you, completely free to roam around like they own the place.

3. You know you are in Hawaii when you can walk to the beach to sun bathe in between classes.

4. You know you are in Hawaii when, being white, you feel like you are the minority race because everyone around you is either Asian or Polynesian.

5. You know you are in Hawaii when you go to apply for a job and all but two job descriptions say, "Polynesian ethnicity preferred."

6. You know you are in Hawaii when you have to share all your food with your pet rat that lives in your pantry.

7. You know you are in Hawaii when your diet consists mainly of shaved ice, fruit, and Mochi ice cream.

8. You know you are in Hawaii when you have fun counting the shrimp trailers along the highway.

9. You know you are in Hawaii when on the freeway it is accepted for kids to sleep on the floor of the car instead of in a carseat, people ride in the back of truck cabs, and just because there is a freeway exit does not necessarily mean there is an entrance there as well.

10. You know you are in Hawaii when you can't pronounce any of the names of streets, beaches, or towns.

11. You know you are in Hawaii when you meet people with first names of Coral, Haha, Apple, and Burd.

12. You know you are in Hawaii when a box of cereal costs $7.00, a dozen eggs costs $3.50, and a gallon of milk costs $5.00.

13. You know you are in Hawaii when you sleep with a fan by your head, a fan by your feet, and the ceiling fan, all on full blast because it is too expensive to pay for air conditioning.

14. You know you are in Hawaii when people have fake fireplaces just for decoration, and the fire is either a picture, or a light.

15. You know you are in Hawaii when you wake up in the morning and you don't have to check the weather channel to see what the day's temperature is going to be because you already know.

16. You know you are in Hawaii when guys wear skirts to church with their shirt and tie.

17. You know you are in Hawaii when you are eating tropical fruits that you can't pronounce and the pineapple tastes like candy.

18. You know you are in Hawaii when you become best friends with the sidewalks, and can't take any more short cuts across the grass while going to class for fear that you might step on a gigantic toad!

19. You know you are in Hawaii when sunblock becomes your new favorite lotion.

20. You know you are in Hawaii when the humidity becomes a natural chapstick, lotion, and face moisturizer, to the point that you really don't need to use any of it!

Some of my favorite food discoveries: Fresh pineapple Dole Whip, Hawaiian Luau food, Mochi ice cream, shaved ice with vanilla ice cream on the bottom!

The Beach!!!

The Polynesian Culture Center....

They were dishing out ice cream from the canoe!

Some of the canoe performers...

He looked like a monkey climbing this tree. It was amazing!

Friday Night in Honolulu! What a change from being in Laie!

A funny statue man...

Some weirdos sitting on nails for money...

A man was doing some tricks with parrots.

The Elvis Store

We have a rat in our apartment that we have been trying to catch this whole week. So far no luck. Every night, the food is gone, but it doesn't get caught! Here is my roommate, Kim, with the trap.

Pearl Harbor Trip!

We went on a ferry ride...

All the people that died.

Out to dinner...


  1. Looks so fun! Miss you already! I hope you're having fun :)

  2. Looks like fun! I've had a lot of experience with rats in the past. They are pretty smart so traps don't always work. Try some rat poison with Vit. K in it. It dehydrates them and sends them in search of water so they end up dying elsewhere! Just make sure you don't have a leak under your house like we did!

  3. You are having so many fun experiences! I love all of your pictures. And that is so cool that you can go to the beach between classes.

  4. Ahhhh!!! It looks so amazing! You look like you are having the time of your life! I seriously am sitting here at the computer freezing, counting down the days til it's at LEAST 50 degrees! You are so beautiful, and I'm glad you are having so much fun!

  5. Miss Hawaii. This is so radical. I'm very very very happy for you and I want to see some pictures of you and some hunky PCC Polynesian dudes!!

  6. Ha! I love your list.

    When I was growing up on Iosepa St, we actually had a real fireplace. I think we used it twice, and each time we all sat on the far side of the room so we wouldn't get overheated.

    We used to listen to the radio every morning, and I swear the weather report was on a tape they just played over and over - "Mostly sunny today, with high's in the upper seventies to lower eighties. A few windward and mauka showers."

    And you'll know you've been in Hawaii for a little while when those windward showers no longer send you scurrying for cover - it's just water, it will dry off.

    Have a great time in Laie!