Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny, random times in Oahu.....

So for all you yogurt connoisseurs out there like me....I found a new favorite frozen yogurt place called Orange Tree. It pretty much rocks, especially the choc mint flavor with real pieces of choc in it. Amazing. They also had lychee, honeydew and pineapple.

Bonfires in Hawaii are the best. Right on the beach with the ocean crashing in the background...pretty sweet.

So I don't have pictures to document these crazy adventures.....but for the record:
1. I attempted surfing. I was laughing the whole time and felt like a complete idiot, but am excited to try it again!
2. I went snorkeling and secretly wished that I had been born as a tropical fish instead of a human. It was unreal! Now I know what Sabastian the crab from, "The Little Mermaid," was talking about in his hit song, "Under the Sea!" :)
3. I explored over on Goat's Island. We had to walk/swim across the waves and over to this island that was so beautiful. Such a beautiful beach! There were lots of crabs, corral, and other fun things to explore.

So my roommate Christy, is from Oahu, born and raised. She notices that I puff my hair a little bit like the Utah people do. (Of course I don't go overboard, because I am not a native Utahian.) But, one Sunday morning, she asked, "Hey Mikelle, can you puff up my hair like you do?" So the semi-Utah girl showed the Hawaiian girl how to do the Utah poof. It was pretty funny, and so funny for me because a few years ago I was totally making fun of the "Utah poof," and now here I am spreading it through Hawaii.

The finished product! Don't you love it? A Hawaiian with the Utah poof? I made my mark here! :)She is now ready to transfer to BYU Provo in the Fall. Look out boys!

So my friend Rachel, in my ward, is so talented at painting nails. She can do anything you want, literally. We had a toe nail painting party after church last Sunday.

Try not to look at my ugly feet in this picture. Just try to focus on the beautiful artistic ability that was done on my toes...

So I went on a hike, and Tyson climbed up the tall palm/coconut tree, and picked us two coconuts! He looked like a monkey climbin that thing! Go Tyson!

Can't wait to crack it open and suck that juice out! :)

So I am a hero today.....

So funny story...I went outside to go for a run and I noticed there was a mama chicken with about 10 little chickens following after her right in my driveway. Even though chickens are everywhere here, I still wanted to stop and take a look at them and how they interacted with their mom. So I am just watching them, thinking I would spend like max of 3 minutes and then I would be off. So the stupid mom chicken decides to jump off these little ledge down to another driveway. Each little chick is trying its best to jump off and some are more brave then others. There were two in the back that were really struggling and couldn't get the guts to jump. Then one of them finally did, leaving the one little chick all by itself. I never thought I would have feelings for a stupid chick, but I did! It was so sad! It started chirping really loud and running back and forth frantically, and in circles because his family was leaving him behind. So here I am, watching this whole episode and thinking, "What do I do?" I am kinda freaked out to pick it up, and also I thought maybe my scent on it would make the mom chicken reject it. So none of my roommates were home, so I ran upstairs, but they weren't home. Then I ran to the next door neighbor girls. One came out to help. I knew that time was short because the mom was getting further and further away. The poor little chick was going ballistic. So Tasha, got a dust pan and brush and was attempting to get the chick to go on it, so we wouldn't get our scent on it. But it was running away and too hard to catch. I was in the neighbor's yard, trying to keep the mom and her other chicks in one spot. So the girl that helped me had to leave for class. I couldn't just leave this little chick all helpless! I felt like I was responsible for it! So I ran to another neighbor's house, and a girl named Erica helped me. We were chasing it through the yard, trying to catch it. Then Erica picked it up, and we placed it near the mom. The chick was so happy and ran toward its mom and family, chirping really loud. So yeah, you are probably thinking I am nuts, cause I would be too, if it wouldn't have happened to me. I am actually laughing right now as I am typing this. I invested 30 minutes of my time into saving that chick! So yeah, that is my story of how I saved a little chick's life today. The End.

Martin Luther King Parade in Honolulu

So, clubs are a huge thing here at BYU Hawaii. They have every club that you can imagine and it is a great way to meet people and get involved. They had a week where you can walk around to all the different booths and sign up for the clubs. I got a little excited, and went overboard, which led me to signing up for 6 clubs. Now I am realizing that 6 is WAY to many, and a lot of the meetings and activities are at the same time! Anyway, the clubs I signed up for are social dance, swing dance, tennis, Samoan, Hawaiian, and Tahitian. So far the swing club is my favorite....

So, the Tahitian and Samoan club on Martin Luther King Day, decided to take a bus trip down to Honolulu for Martin Luther King Day and march in the Equality Parade. It was a funny experience. We walked around the parade, "promoting peace internationally," but the best part was the free breakfast and free shirts. BYU Hawaii had students from over 70 different countries! It is fun learning about all the different cultures.
These are two of my roommates....Christy and Kulanie.

These are my friends, Kaitlyn and Olivia.

Riding on the Bus.....

This sign caught my eye....a rainbow decorated bus and a big sign on the side.I had to take a picture.

Sunrise Pictures by China Man's Hat

I went camping and we got up early to see the sunrise.We slept on mattresses outside under the stars and the palm trees. Aren't these pictures gorgeous?

You can't see it in these pictures, but the sun was hot red! So beautiful!

Laie, Hawaii Temple!

So the Laie temple is so gorgeous. It is about a 2 minute walk from my house. They also have a visitor's center so I can go and watch church movies or just roam around whenever I want. It is so nice!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living in Paradise!

Aloha Everyone!

You know you are in Hawaii when.....

1. You know you are in Hawaii when you look out your bedroom window and see an orange tree to your left and a coconut tree to your right.

2. You know you are in Hawaii when you walk down the street and see random roosters and chickens (with baby chicks following their mothers) walking along with you, completely free to roam around like they own the place.

3. You know you are in Hawaii when you can walk to the beach to sun bathe in between classes.

4. You know you are in Hawaii when, being white, you feel like you are the minority race because everyone around you is either Asian or Polynesian.

5. You know you are in Hawaii when you go to apply for a job and all but two job descriptions say, "Polynesian ethnicity preferred."

6. You know you are in Hawaii when you have to share all your food with your pet rat that lives in your pantry.

7. You know you are in Hawaii when your diet consists mainly of shaved ice, fruit, and Mochi ice cream.

8. You know you are in Hawaii when you have fun counting the shrimp trailers along the highway.

9. You know you are in Hawaii when on the freeway it is accepted for kids to sleep on the floor of the car instead of in a carseat, people ride in the back of truck cabs, and just because there is a freeway exit does not necessarily mean there is an entrance there as well.

10. You know you are in Hawaii when you can't pronounce any of the names of streets, beaches, or towns.

11. You know you are in Hawaii when you meet people with first names of Coral, Haha, Apple, and Burd.

12. You know you are in Hawaii when a box of cereal costs $7.00, a dozen eggs costs $3.50, and a gallon of milk costs $5.00.

13. You know you are in Hawaii when you sleep with a fan by your head, a fan by your feet, and the ceiling fan, all on full blast because it is too expensive to pay for air conditioning.

14. You know you are in Hawaii when people have fake fireplaces just for decoration, and the fire is either a picture, or a light.

15. You know you are in Hawaii when you wake up in the morning and you don't have to check the weather channel to see what the day's temperature is going to be because you already know.

16. You know you are in Hawaii when guys wear skirts to church with their shirt and tie.

17. You know you are in Hawaii when you are eating tropical fruits that you can't pronounce and the pineapple tastes like candy.

18. You know you are in Hawaii when you become best friends with the sidewalks, and can't take any more short cuts across the grass while going to class for fear that you might step on a gigantic toad!

19. You know you are in Hawaii when sunblock becomes your new favorite lotion.

20. You know you are in Hawaii when the humidity becomes a natural chapstick, lotion, and face moisturizer, to the point that you really don't need to use any of it!

Some of my favorite food discoveries: Fresh pineapple Dole Whip, Hawaiian Luau food, Mochi ice cream, shaved ice with vanilla ice cream on the bottom!

The Beach!!!

The Polynesian Culture Center....

They were dishing out ice cream from the canoe!

Some of the canoe performers...

He looked like a monkey climbing this tree. It was amazing!

Friday Night in Honolulu! What a change from being in Laie!

A funny statue man...

Some weirdos sitting on nails for money...

A man was doing some tricks with parrots.

The Elvis Store

We have a rat in our apartment that we have been trying to catch this whole week. So far no luck. Every night, the food is gone, but it doesn't get caught! Here is my roommate, Kim, with the trap.

Pearl Harbor Trip!

We went on a ferry ride...

All the people that died.

Out to dinner...