Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chocolate Dipping Day!

One of my favorite childhood memories was chocolate dipping day. I remember going to school and being on the edge of my seat all day long just waiting for the clock to change so I could go home. I would walk into the door and feel like a child in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! There were every kind of chocolate imaginable right within my reach! I loved going around and sampling all the different kinds.

My mom has been dipping chocolates for 28 years now. It is her little thing she whips up during the Christmas season. So, being home for Christmas this year, I figured, I better take the opportunity to learn her trade so hopefully I can carry on the tradition. I got chocolate dipping lessons, some quality time with my mom and sister, and of course, some eating of chocolates myself. So after the day is over, all I have to say is, "Watch out See's!"

So here is how the whole process goes, if ever you were wondering...

Step 1- Make the centers. So I don't have pictures of this, but my mom makes all of her centers homeade! They are so dang good. Then they have to be refrigerated and rolled into balls, or cut into squares. Here are the carmels that I cut...

Here are some of the different centers rolled and some ready to be rolled....

Here is the professional. She dreams about taking Martha Stewart's position one day. Roll those balls Mom, roll!!!

Here is the excited student ready to start dipping....and eating....

My sister, Anna, is equally excited.

Step 2- Dip those babies!
We used three kinds of chocolate- milk, dark, and my all time favorite, white.

Let's first take a close look at Martha. Look at those hands move. See how she glides the chocolate evenly and delicately over each ball of fondant. Wow. What skill. If only I can be as graceful as Ms. Stewart one day...

A job well done.

Now my turn...

I had to wear my Dad's big dorky sweatshirt! The key to having chocolates set up nicely is to make the room temperature very cold. For those who know me well, I get cold easily, so bundling up was my only choice. This was my least favorite part.....being cold all day. My dog, Chloe, was hiding in her bed, freezing to death.

Must Martha...

Must eat more chocolate...

"Oh no! Rachel Ray is dipping chocolates now too?! What a disgrace!"

Step 3- Enjoy and Eat. (Give out to friends and family of course too...)
Here is the finished product!

Here are the flavors we made:
PB fudge
Choc Fudge
Choc Fudge with nuts
Carmels with nuts
Choc Mint

At the end of the day I am 10 pounds heavier, twice as smart, and completely exhausted! The End.


  1. Oh my yum! I wish I lived closer to your house... And P.S. - Tell your mama she looks SO good! I haven't seen her in a while :)

  2. You are so cute! This post is great. You are quite the professional blogger now!

  3. Dang, I want some!

    Hope you're loving Hawaii already!